Motion And Meaning

Motion and Meaning Podcast

A podcast about motion for digital designers brought to you by Val Head and Cennydd Bowles.

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Season Two

Season One


Animation in Your Design Process

In this episode Cennydd and Val address the topic of workflow and the process of actually getting good motion design shipped into an end product. They cover how to convince your team and clients that motion is important, how to document your animation decisions in styleguides, and more! Episode 9 notes and transcript.


Animation & Accessibility

Animation impacts accessibility in more ways than you might think. In this episode Cennydd and Val discuss the pros and cons of interface animation as it applies to accessibility and animating responsibly. Thinking strategically about your animation and implementing it well does more than just cater to people with special requirements, it makes your designs better for everyone to use. Episode 8 notes and transcript.


All About Physics!

The real world is governed by physics, but in animation we get to make up our own rules. In this episode Cennydd and Val cover the simple physics of motion. Cennydd puts his Physics degree to good use explaining the physics concepts that come in handy for designing realistic animation. Episode 7 notes and transcript.


The Wild World of Prototyping Tools

Finding a prototyping tool that’s right for you can be a challenge. Which one of the seemingly endless options out there is the best one for you? In this episode Cennydd and Val discuss their favourite prototyping tools and why, plus how to find the best prototyping tools for you. Episode 6 notes and transcript.


Playing Director with choreography

No UI animation acts alone. Every bit of motion across your product or site add up to create a bigger picture. In this episode we discuss what choreography means in our digital realm while using a lot of words that start with C: choreography, consistency, and cohesiveness. Episode 4 notes and transcript.


Modern times, modern principles

The classic principles of animation weren’t written for the digital space. We’re designing animations that are meant to interacted with, not just watched. That means we have to play by a different set of rules! In this episode Cennydd and Val discuss the modern principles for interactive animation and reveal the one faux pas that drives them both crazy. Episode 3 notes and transcript.


How many classic principles can you count?

In this episode Cennydd and Val take on the twelve classic principles and question which of them are most relevant to us today. They almost agree on the top five principles to pay most attention to, then vote another three off the island. The other four get to stay safely in the middle for now. Episode 2 notes and transcript.